Estate Planning Services


Ensure your best wishes are captured and your assets, property/real estate, and wealth is passed down as per your instructions after your death with a well-written Will.


Distribute and protect your Estate upon your death and avoid Probate courts with the creation of a secure Trust.

Joint Tenancy

Utilize the concept of joint tenancy or joint assets and find out if this is the right estate planning solution for you and your partner.


Protection Planning for Minors

Protecting your minors in case of the unfortunate event of both you and your spouse passing away at the same time. Set up a trust to determine their future guardian and inheritance.

Beneficiary Designations

Avoid any issues with the provisions of your estate plan by deciding and clarifying who will be your designated beneficiaries.

Business Succession Planning

Pass down your business to whoever you should see fit. Ensure there are no legal issues when the time comes and keep you’re your business in the family for several more generations.

Disability Planning

Be prepared in the event of an accident or stroke that leaves you incapacitated and ensure you wishes and instructions are already in place before hand.

Legacy Transfer Planning

Protect your values and beliefs with legacy planning as there is more to estate planning than just money, property and assets.

Medical Directives/Living Will

Provide instructions about the medical treatment you wish to receive in the event of any injury or terminal illness that you may suffer.

What is Estate Planning?

Estate Planning is for people of all ages and income levels. Nearly everyone has an estate as it is a term to describe everything that you own. Whether that be a car, real property, life insurance, savings accounts, checking accounts, or personal property, it is all part of your estate.

An estate plan is a set of documents personally tailored to handle your affairs and set forth your wishes. Aside from your assets, an estate plan allows you to choose guardians for your minor children, plan for those with special needs, provide for your spouse, and plan for friends and relatives to take care of your financial and medical decisions in the event you were not able. A strong estate plan can do so much more than just dictate the way your assets are handed down when you pass away. 

Receive a free consultation from an estate planning attorney to explain the separate documents involved in an estate plan and how you can benefit from each.

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Why do I Need an Estate Plan?

You may think that you only need an estate plan if you are reaching the end of your life or wealthy, however your estate is important regardless of age or wealth. An estate includes everything you own regardless of its monetary value and it’s important for those left behind to know how to handle your wishes, and the manner in which you want to pass on your estate out of love and stewardship. Estate Planning is also about passing on your beliefs and personal values, along with the goals and dreams you have for your children and grandchildren. 

In truth, you should have an effective and well-designed estate plan regardless of the dollar value of your estate. A lack of planning may result in unwanted stress for your family, unnecessary expenses and fees, and unneeded time delays in the form of probate.


Simple Wills Can't Cover All Scenarios

If you want a simple Will you are putting yourself at risk. Many people don’t understand what a Will is and the important details and options available when creating a Will. 

It is easy to underestimate what you think you need in your estate planning and McGann Law Group often finds our clients are surprised at the level of detail that goes into creating an estate plan. Seeking professional advice and a devoted attorney that specializes in estate planning will benefit you. McGann Law Group keeps up to date with all of the state-of-the-art strategies, options, and choices available, as well as always being on top of any changes in the law.


Online Legal Services Doesn't Always Save Money

Don’t risk damaging your life’s work just to save a few dollars. There are low-cost websites that offer tempting bargains, however, you cannot safely determine the best legal course of action you should take using the generic information you will find on the internet. Online estate plans generators or DIY estate plan templates can save a few bucks now—but they run the risk of creating an expensive, frustrating and stressful experience for your family.

Online services are not qualified law firms with trained and experienced lawyers that would be in an attorney-client relationship with you. Online legal help cannot provide bonafide legal advice. If you happen to make a mistake in your estate planning they can’t warn you or help you recover as it would be too late. Most importantly, online services can not promise you that the documents they produce for you will be legally sound and accepted in the state of Colorado. Remember that they are basic document assistants, creating a one-size-fits-all solution without any personal customization to your estate.


All internet legal information (even the McGann Law Group Blog) is generalized and should not be a replacement for a personal consultation with an attorney. The answer to almost all legal questions depends on your specific estate, personal situation and circumstances.

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Customized Plans. Flat Rate Pricing.

It is vital that your estate plan is carefully prepared to meet your goals, circumstances, and unique needs. A well-planned estate plan that is specifically tailored to your needs is worth the investment. Poorly designed or incomplete plans will result in more costs in the future for your loved ones. 

We believe in providing outstanding services at a straightforward, fair and honest price. That’s why our flat-fee pricing is so popular with 90% of our clients.

And if your one of the 10% of our clients that needs a more sophisticated estate plan, we will provide the additional fees upfront so you know the cost before we get started.

Estate Planning

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