Tax Resolution Services

IRS and State Tax Representation

If you have had your paycheck garnished by the IRS or a State Tax agency, or had your bank account or other assets levied, we can negotiate an IRS Garnishment or Levy Release

Offer in Compromise

If you need help negotiating a repayment agreement with the IRS or a State Tax agency we can help get you negotiate an agreement

Tax Controversy

We can advise and represent taxpayers before federal, state and local taxing authorities and in all federal and state courts in which tax disputes are litigated

Get Tax Relief

There are a lot of firms that will promise you that you can pay pennies on the dollar to resolve your tax debt, but that is very rare, however with representation of a Tax Attorney, often times you will be able to lower your tax burden significantly versus doing it yourself, or with a less knowledgeable tax representative.


Tax Controversy

Tax controversy is an area of legal practice involving tax disputes between tax collection entities such as the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and taxpayers, sometimes as the result of an audit.

Tax Services

IRS Audit Defense
US Tax Court Litigation
Tax Settlements
Tax Planning Strategies
State Tax Court Litigation
Tax Debt Relief

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